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The Artist

Welcome - my hope is that you will enjoy browsing through this site and observing some of the work I have been doing over the last few months. I love beauty! I love seeing it all around me from the seemingly insignificant littlest creatures and tiny blooms, up to the way the winds blow across a wheat field setting the wheat "a dancing" even when you cannot see the wind, to the dark billowing black clouds of an approaching storm, to the fantastically painted cloud formations as the orange fireball of a sun sets in the West.


I try to capture some of this beauty and transfer it to my canvas. It inspires me - drives me onwards with my paints, color and camera. I see God in all this beauty - I am his child, I am a wife to my special framing construction guy! I am a mother and a GiGi to 4 precious grandchildren, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and an artist.

I pulse with a creative, curious, imagining personality. Sometimes all this imagining can get in the way - but most often it just gives me inspiration for new ideas and new art pieces. I often see pictures in the words of a song, or the hurt in someone's eyes, in a scripture verse or even a poem or story. I have been known to "stop in my tracks" seeing something along the way that is an immediate inspiration. I now take along a purse journal everywhere for those unexpected moments of ideas or inspirations. I am a work in progress, much like the art pieces I am working on now.

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