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Mixed Media

The medium of mixed media is so very freeing. It allows me to use more than one "passion" in a singular art piece. When a piece is nicely coming together and I am getting "lost" in it and losing all track of time - it can absolutely make my soul sing!

A medium is any material used to create an artistic work such as acrylics, watercolor, and photography. When these are used together in one art piece along with bits of ephemera and collage, the resulting work forms a mixed media piece. There are endless possibilities and opportunities within mixed media which makes it so incredibly enjoyable!

I love telling the "story" of a piece through found objects and colors that work with that specific piece.

My mixed media pieces combine my love for God, spirituality, storytelling, nature, beauty and many of the seemingly little things in life that actually mean so much. Bringing them all together in one piece of artwork that may include my own photography, handwritten text, acrylic paint, watercolor, pastels, beeswax and bits and pieces of added ephemera. My work has often been described as "having much depth" and that one can look at it many times and each time find something else buried within the layers of each piece. Some of my pieces could almost be called assemblages as they include added on bits of interest such as old found keys, bits of rusty metal, tiny glass vials, or clock and watch faces, and other objects with character.

Contact me to discuss prices or even the creation of a custom piece for that Special Celebration; wedding, anniversary, birthday or just to capture the memories!

'Refiner's Fire'

'The Vine'

'Living Water'






'Fearfully & Wonderfully Made'

'Guarded Heart'


'As For Me'

'The Sower'

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