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The Vine

This piece is based on the allegory found in John 15:1-6, where a comparison is made between vine dresser, vines, branches and fruit, to our life as it should be. The vine dresser is God the Father who oversees all. The main vine itself, Jesus, is the source of life for the vine branches. Without the vine, which provides both the water and nutrients to the branches, no fruit could ever result. The branches are Jesus' disciples and when they abide or remain joined to him, they can bear fruit. The branches are pruned, sometimes in very drastic ways, so that they will produce the best fruit possible. Unfruitful branches are considered worthless and must be cut away and destroyed. 

This piece includes artist's photos taken at a neighbour's vineyard where this allegory really came to life as I watched and heard about the pruning process. I saw the red wheelbarrow through our kitchen window one day when we had just heard some very sad news of a close friend's death. It seemed to "call" out to me, and I felt a very strong urge to take this picture and add it into this piece. Also used are: acrylic paints, ink, tissue paper, decorative swirl paper, an authentic pruned chunk of a vine, a wire that is used to support the vines as they grow, glass, copper foil, diamond dust, glitter, copper wire, and some bronze grape leaves and branch ornaments.

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